Pipe Cutting Unit (PCU)

Pipe Cutting Unit (PCU) - PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

  • Linear table movement through pneumatic cylinder for smooth operation.
  • Carbide Tips Cutter for longer life.
  • Saw table movement with linear bearing on hard chrome plated guide bar.
  • Clamping system by rubber pad through pneumatic cylinder for all sizes of pipes.
  • The pipe clamping is automatic through pneumatic cylinder pneumatic Cylinders and actuated by the limit switches on the trimming chute. Cutter assembly slides forward along with the pipe and returns through Pneumatic cylinder.


Model Pipe Range mm Clamping From    Saw dia.
TCU 110  20-110  TOP  350
TCU 200  20-200 TOP  550
TCU 250  50-250  TOP  630
TCU 315 75-315 TOP  850
TCU-450 200-450 UNIVERSAL  180